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Callebaut Bittersweet (Dark) (60.5%)- 22 lb Pellets (Callets) [Item: L6040]

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Called "Bittersweet," this chocolate has 60.5% cacao but low cocoa butter content (approx. 26%). It is perfect for the following applications: enrobing with a very THICK layer, preparing dense fillings/ganches for pralines, piping, very coarse decorations. It is not a good choice for thin coating or molding as it will be too thick. Comes as 22lb bag of pellets. (*Kosher Dairy - K D)
Pieces: 1 Size: 352 Oz.
Package: Bag of Callets (pellets) Origin: Belgium
Cocoa Liquor, 40% Sugar, 26% cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy-lecithin, natural vanilla. Cocoa contents: 60.3 % minimum.
Sale Price $144.90
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