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Country: Belgium
Belarte, a fine Belgian brand, offers great tasting sugar free chocolate. Enjoy world famous Belgian chocolate without the sugar!
Products Include: Sugar-free chocolate bars. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium
Belfine is a cooperative of four dynamic Flemish artisanal chocolatiers that produce exquisite Belgian chocolate and biscuit products. Belfine's chocolate specialties and biscuits are created on the basis of natural ingredients and original recipes. All products are sold in luxury packages, which makes them nice gifts or a pleasant treat for oneself.
Products Include: Chocolate specialties such as Florentines, Amandines, both almond biscuits covered with chocolate, and duck shaped chocolates with praline filling and more! Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium
Café-tasse has drawn its inspiration from two sources, a Belgian dedication to create the perfect chocolate and the desire to introduce the European tradition of enjoying chocolate while sipping coffee .. an exquisite combination, wrapped in innovative ways. Café-tasse Chocolates have become a must for the true expresso lover and its distinctive and natural looking packaging have given Café-tasse its own place in the chocolate market.
Products Include: Special gift-sets of fine assortments of neopolitans, made with the finest of Central American and African cocoa beans. The distinctive Café-tasse packaging is made from recyclable and natural paper, and reflects the earthy flavors of the distinctive chocolate varieties. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium & France
Callebaut has become a household name for baking chocolate and is most commonly used as the basis for most Belgian Chocolates. In 1996, this Belgian chocolate couverture producer and the French Cacao Barry joined forces to create a progressive and powerful new group called Barry Callebaut. Both companies have enjoyed an excellent reputation as reliable suppliers of high-quality products, and as solid partners for thousands of craftsmen and manufacturers in the food industry. Callebaut selects the finest cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Brazil, Mexico and Ghana. With attention to detail and superior quality, Callebaut makes a superior baking chocolate and is characterized by its sweet, yet strong Belgian chocolate couverture taste platform.
Products Include: Excellent quality baking chocolate and bars, available in a wide range of sizes, from 1 lb. to 11 lb. blocks. Callebaut chocolate comes in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium
Charlemagne Chocolates was founded by Belgian artist Denise Courant Bellefroid. She has established her chocolate factory in a renovated historic farmhouse where 12 centuries ago (in 750AD) Emperor Charlemagne was born, who is generally know as the "Father of Europe." In these privileged and timeless surroundings, they have conceived a rich chocolate experience combining the deep magic of pure cocoa and a symphony of natural oriental flavors. Charlemagne uses the finest blends of chocolate, with an emphasis on natural products with low sugar content. This is achieved through a unique patented process which infuses the flavors (derived from fruits, flowers, coffee, tea and spices) into the cocoa. Charlemagne's superior quality and unique style has resulted in worldwide success of its artisanal product offerings.
Products Include: These special gift-boxes have a selection of small, individually wrapped, very delecate chocolates with amazing flavors. Click here to see our complete product line.
Côte d'Or
Country: Belgium
Côte D'Or is one of the oldest chocolate bar trademarks, and its rich history has left a legacy of delicious Belgian chocolate bars in many varieties. Charles Neuhaus, a traditional Belgian chocolate-maker who opened a chocolate and sweet factory in 1870, created and registered the Côte d'Or brand on April 24th, 1883. The brand was named after the "Gold Coast" (present-day Ghana) where he selected a portion of his cocoa beans. In 1898, the factory became the property of Mr. and Mrs. Léopold Bieswal, who bought it for their son, Joseph. The year 1899 marked the start of a fruitful cooperation between the Joseph Bieswal Co. and S.A. Lambert Michiels. It was not until July 16th, 1906 that they founded S.A. Alimenta, under the Côte d'Or trademark. At the beginning of the twentieth century, with colonial expansion, the Belgians discovered new horizons as well as new tastes. They became wild enthusiasts of the "elephant chocolate", which has been famous ever since. The elephant, along with the palm tree and the three pyramids, has become the symbol of the Côte d'Or brand. A powerful symbol, as it is still with us today.
Products Include: The Côte D'Or product range offers specialties including Mignottes, bite-size chocolates, chocotoff, a typical chocolate caramel candy, as well as the more traditional chocolates bars with hazelnuts, and praliné cream. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium
Michaël and Jean-François Poncelet say that chocolate runs in the family. Their father, a remarkable figure belonging to the great Belgian chocolate-making tradition, instilled in them a fascination for this outstanding product. In 1989, they created the Dolfin company. Their idea was to draw on the original sources of chocolate and highlight its strengths and pure taste, whilst appealing to the discerning buying public. The Poncelet brothers recognize the true craftsmanship that goes into making fine chocolate. The Dolfin range is made by harmoniously blending the strength of great chocolate with the delicacy of carefully selected spices or fruits. Dolfin also prides itself on unusually attractive packaging - each package representing Dolfin's refined style.
Products Include: Neapolitans (chocolate squares), bars with exotic flavors such as pink peppercorn, fresh ginger and crystallized orange peel, as well as classic milk and dark bars as well. Click here to see our complete product line.
El Rey
Country: Venezuela
In the early stages of the South American conquest, the Spaniards discovered a particularly fragrant strain of the cacao bean growing wild in the region south of Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo and throughout the tropical lowlands bordering the Caribbean on Venezuela's northern coast. By the 17th century, Venezuela was making a name for itself. Its uniquely fragrant cacao bean was sweeping the world.

When Jose Rafael Zozaya and his father-in-law, Carmelo Tuozzo founded Tuozzo Zozaya & Cia. in Caracas in 1929, it was the second chocolate company to be established in Venezuela. There they turned out perhaps the finest chocolate made in Venezuela, which they proudly named "El Rey" -- the King. El Rey's premium quality chocolate couvertures are manufactured with the famed Carenero bean, a single variety cacao grown in the north central region of Venezuela and exported for use by chefs and chocolatiers around the world.
Products Include: Fine baking chocolate and bars in a variety of sizes, from 1/4 lb. bars to 11 lb. blocks and discos (or pellets). El Rey is available in a range of white, milk and dark chocolate varieties, made from different types of cocoa beans. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Belgium
Jean Galler founded his chocolate factory in 1976 in Liège, Belgium in the backroom of his father's pastry shop. The family-business grew fast as Galler introduced unique artisinal Praline-filled bars made with exquisite all-natural ingredients. In 1994, Jean Galler became the official Belgian Royal Warrant Holder for his chocolate products. Today, they employ 75 artists who design, produce and market their truly unique line of all-natural, high-quality Belgian chocolate-filled bars, tablets and chocolate "Cat's Tongues". Galler enjoys a worldwide reputation for drawing the delicate flavors and rich quality from the exotic regions between the equator and the tropics, where the finest cocoa is grown.
Products Include: Chocolate bars in a variety of flavors from milk chocolate to Grand Marnier, novelty items such as the Galler Cat's Tongues and more. Click here to see our complete product line.
Green & Black's
Country: United Kingdom
Josephine Fairley and Craig Sams set up Green & Black's in 1991 with the aim to make an organic chocolate that would satisfy those with a taste for fine chocolate. Green and Black's are committed to protecting the planet, hence their 'organic' status. Above all, Green & Black's Organic Chocolate is made for those who enjoy its rich flavor and texture. No chemicals or genetically modified ingredients enter the process from pod to palate. At Green & Black's they know that the care put into growing and processing the cocoa bean is what brings out its full character, and they pay close attention to how it is handled at every stage.
Products Include: Organic chocolate bars in a variety of flavors, from traditional milk chocolate, to Maya Gold, a dark chocolate bar with an orange twist. Also offered are gift packs of carres (small chocolate squares), and organic baking chocolate. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Switzerland
The story begins in 1845: Confectioner, David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his inventive son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, owned a small confectionery shop in Zurich's Old Town, and then a second and larger confectionery and refreshment room at Zurich's Paradeplatz. Today the Group is comprised of manufacturing sites in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the USA.

For over 150 years Lindt & Sprüngli has decidedly adhered to the principle of premium quality. The trademark "Lindt" is the guarantee for chocolate manufactured with the greatest care from the highest quality ingredients and famous for its distinct smoothness, characteristic taste and innovative flair.
Products Include: Lindor Truffle Bars, Baking Chocolate, Truffles. Click here to see our complete product line.
Nirvana Chocolates
Country: Belgium
Nirvana Chocolates began from a desire to bring truly fresh Belgian chocolates to the US market. Nirvana chocolate uses award winning Belgian chocolatiers to craft each chocolate individually by hand, and uses only the finest, all-natural ingredients. The foundation of Nirvana chocolates is rich cocoa beans from Africa, which are stronger and more present than the milder American beans. Add to that fresh cream, butter and sugar and you have the basis upon which all Nirvana Chocolates are made. Nirvana believes that a fresh Belgian quality praline can bring you the pinnacle of taste sensation.

Nirvana Chocolates are authentic Belgian chocolates, individually hand-made by award-winning chocolatiers in Belgium. They are made near Brugge, the romantic city in Belgium known for fine lace, medieval architecture and the finest chocolates in the world based on centuries-old recipes.
Products Include: Truffles, Chocolates, Seasonal Gift-Boxes, Gift-Baskets, Marzipan, Fruit Jellies and more. The Nirvana line also offers other Belgian delicacies such as fresh marzipan made according to the original Lubecker method, all natural pâte de fruits (fruit jellies), chocolate spread and more…. Click here to see our complete product line.
Scharffen Berger
Country: United States
John Scharffenberger and Robert Steinberg founded Scharffen Berger in 1996 in the San Francisco Bay area with one simple goal: to make the richest, most flavorful chocolate from the purest and best cacao that can be found. Scharffen Berger is the only American chocolate company founded in the last fifty years. They have returned to the basics of chocolate making, using restored vintage machinery imported from Europe with beans carefully selected from small plantations found near the equator. By carefully blending beans from many origins, they produce a chocolate with a dense concentration of flavors that are naturally present in cacao. A complex fruitiness and long rich finish bring the best of the world of chocolate into every bite. Scharffen Berger chocolate is ideal for both baking and eating.
Products Include: Baking chocolate in a variety of sizes and types, chocolate bars, cocoa powder, nibs and chocolate sauce. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: Germany
Schokinag was established in 1923 and has been manufacturing chocolate, couvertures, cocoa powder and cocoa butter for more than 75 years. They are one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate and cocoa products in Europe. Schokinag works exclusively from imported cocoa beans, mainly from West Africa. The beans are roasted and blended in-house and then carefully processed into distinctive flavors of cocoa-liquor and cocoa butter. It is this total control that enables the company to maintain flexibility and quality in chocolate and cocoa and to tailor-make products to their customers' specifications.
Products Include: Fine baking chocolate and bars in a variety of sizes, from 1 lb. to 11 lb. blocks. Schokinag is available in a range of white, milk and dark chocolate varieties. Click here to see our complete product line.
Country: France
In 1922, Monsieur Guironnet, a pastry chef living in the Rhône valley, opened the Chocolaterie du Vivarais, which became Valrhona in the early 1950s. Monsieur Guironnet's philosophy was "to use the best to make the best." He searched the world over for cocoa beans that rose above the ordinary. Valrhona continues this legacy today. The company that was once a small family affair now employs 250 people and produces 3,500 tons of chocolate each year. Valrhona selects cocoa beans from all over the world, including Venezuela, Ecuador, the Caribbean islands, Sri Lanka, Papua-New Guinea, and Ghana. Valrhona Chocolate, imported from the Rhone Valley in France, is widely recognized as one of the finest chocolate makers in the world.
Products Include: Baking chocolate and bars in a variety of sizes, from 1 lb. bars to 11 lb. blocks, pellets and powder. We carry a range of Valrhona chocolate, in white, milk and dark chocolate varieties. Click here to see our complete product line.
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